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Cheesy Valentine’s Pick Up Lines

It’s Valentine’s Day! Are you one of the many who hate it or one  of the many who love it?

For my husband and I, we kinda fall in between. We have fun with it but don’t go over the top. I’d say we are a low key couple on Valentine’s. We like to keep it real. Our idea of romance is a dinner brimming with the ambience of children running around screaming, food flying by our faces, and a constant beckoning to get up from the table because someone needs more milk. Why go out to a quiet, candlelit meal when you could enjoy ALL that?

I tease. Setting aside time for romance is absolutely wonderful and healthy. Nevertheless, Valentine’s has never really been the time we decide to plan a romantic date night.

And just to have fun with Vday, I’ve recently started the tradition (2 years running) where I make my own Valentine cards out of puns. Last year: coffee puns (I just want to espresso my love for you). This year: deer hunting puns (I’m very fawned of you). Horribly cheesy, I KNOW. But it gets a laugh.

I’m not out to make fun of Valentine’s Day. It really can be a great day to show that extra affection and appreciation. But in honor of those, who like me, celebrate just for fun, here are 10 Super Cheesy Pick Up Lines. Enjoy.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines
  1. Animal Puns Anyone?

2. Health Puns are good for the heart

3. Who doesn’t love a good Christian Pick Up Line? Jericho fell for it.img_4100

4. For the comic nerd in your life….



5. If it worked for Adam, maybe it will work for you.

6. For the foodie…


7. For the book lover…img_4080

8. This is sure to rev up your engine.


9. Bathroom humor never “runs” out of laughs.


10. The science nerd is sure to be “attracted” to this one.


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