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Christians, Let’s Seek Humility

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’ve only read 2 books this year. Aside from meditating on God’s word, my literary ambitions have been lacking to say the least. However, I will say the two books I have read have been extremely timely and of great value to me. The first was Paul Tripp’s Parenting… Continue reading Christians, Let’s Seek Humility

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The Bible In Memory Is Better Than The Bible In The Bookcase

One of my deepest desires is to be a woman who loves the word of God. And not just for the sake of knowledge about the bible, but I want to love His word in such a way that it changes me. To love scripture to the greatest degree that I am utterly consumed with it because… Continue reading The Bible In Memory Is Better Than The Bible In The Bookcase

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The One Upper & The Need For Humility

  You share some news or lament a concern. Maybe you give advice or express joy. And then in that moment enters the ‘One Upper’. You know *that person* who has to outdo. Her joy is greater. Her words are wiser. Her problem is bigger. Her news is better. Her story is sadder. “I am… Continue reading The One Upper & The Need For Humility

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The Great Grace Of Affliction

Sin is a deceiving snake. It slyly slithers around our hearts waiting for its moment to strike. Often times, we don’t even realize the multitude of ways we sin every day. We are deceived by its craftiness to mask itself as good things or unaware of its ability to remain hidden. Yet, we also recognize… Continue reading The Great Grace Of Affliction

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3 Ways We Blindfold Our Eyes Of Faith

The Bible is full of analogies of blindness. Everyone, before he/she comes to know Christ, was blind. We call this “spiritual blindness.” We were walking in darkness with eyes that could not see the light. It was a hopeless darkness that descended into the abysmal blackness of life without Jesus. Then one day, by the grace… Continue reading 3 Ways We Blindfold Our Eyes Of Faith

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God Never Withholds His Best

In our home we lovingly refer to our three year old as “The Plunderer”. He has a knack for finding hidden objects and purposefully trying to get into anything that is not his. I’ve found him ransacking my room on numerous occasions. In fact, just yesterday I caught him climbing the fridge like a gold… Continue reading God Never Withholds His Best